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Accomplishment & Goals:

Accomplishment and Goals:
  • Achieving goals has been found to enhance wellbeing over time. Pride is a positive emotion that you can experience when you accomplish something personally meaningful to you. 
  • Positive emotions are connected with a host of benefits (greater creativity, connection with others, openness to new opportunities, physical and mental wellbeing and so forth).
  • If you pursue goals that match your personal values and interests you are more likely to attain those goals.
  • Using your signature strengths can help you achieve your goals in a more fun and effective way.
  • If you achieve intrinsic goals (relating to growth and connection, rather than money and status), you will experience greater gains in wellbeing.
  • For the greatest chance of success, set yourself achievable goals – remember SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound).
  • Human beings get used to things very quickly (hedonic adaptation), this means we have a tendency NOT to savour our achievements. For optimal wellbeing, they key is to notice, acknowledge and savour your success with others. 
  • This process, known as capitalization, involves sharing what went well with others and reliving the positive emotions of that achievement.

What do you feel the most proud of?

Think about times when you have used your skills to an exceptional level, have overcome obstacles to reach a goal or have made a real difference to somebody else’s life.

What makes your achievements special?

Which character strengths did you need and which values motivated you to work hard and accomplish your goals?

What does ‘achievement’ or ‘accomplishment’ mean for you? How would you define it in your life?

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