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Daily Journal:

You probably know what you want and need in life: 

Being more organized, developing your career, becoming a better communicator, overcome bad habits, be happier, or be more self-confident.

However, getting there might be hard in the short and long term, as it requires effort, practice, and some guidance. It may seem very frustrating to approach this journey. 
One powerful method to build a habit to grow and self-improve is journaling. 

Journal Every Day is a Keystone Habit to Help you Achieving your Goals

Keeping a personal journal a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowments and the synergy among them.” — Stephen R.Covey

By building up your journal and investing daily 10 minutes you will be able to leverage on your goals and improve and here is why:

  • Journaling Optimizes Your Creative Potential

Detach from consuming news or surfing through the internet and use the time to think, reflect, and articulate thoughts. Instead, a few minutes a day can help to structure your upcoming day and learn of what happened recently and how you can tackle this in the future.

  • Journaling Helps to Recover Daily and to Clear Emotions

As a post-work reflection, it helps you to detach from the work, to understand what has been done well, to consider where to continue adding a focus. And at the same time, you can more fully experience and appreciate your emotions.

  • Journaling Generates Clarity and Focus

By journaling in the morning and evening, you will detect what impacts you and understand what matters. By that, you will understand easier what needs to be removed and what should be included in your life. This self-discovery will improve your ability to make small and large decisions better.

  • Journaling Fosters Learning

The act of writing allows your subconscious mind to discover and proceed through challenges to enhance your learning process. You’ll be able to work out problems and get insights while you reflect and write about the things you’re learning.

  • Journaling Increases Your Gratitude

Many people go through challenges and have difficulties in their life. However, when reflecting on these challenges, you start a process that will make you better and stronger. You will understand what you are doing already well and in which areas you might further improve your potential.

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