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Privacy Policy


The Website belongs to the Société Anonyme with the name “EXCEED CONSULTING A.E.” located in Glyfada, Attica, on Poseidonos Avenue no. 67.

The Protection of Personal Data for each user / visitor of our website, is a matter of paramount importance for us, both for the “trust building” we want to create and the quality of consulting services we offer.

Exceed Consulting Company collects and processes personal data, the management and protection of which is governed by the provisions of Greek Law and European Law (Law 2472/1997, PD 207/1998. PD 79/2000 and No. 8 Law 2819/2000, Roads 95/46 / EC and Roads 97/66 / EC) as recently defined by the GDPR, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (EU) 2016/679 and the Directive (EU) 2016/680.

The user / visitor information that you will find below, concerns the way we collect personal data, the type of them, the purpose for which we collect them, how we take care of securing this data, as well as who has access to it.

Exceed Consulting reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data after informing the users / visitors and within the existing or possible legal framework.


The data we collect are those that the user / visitor of the website voluntarily and willingly lists at the disposal of the Exceed Consulting Company when:
a. sends his CV with details such as name, surname, phone number, address, etc.

b. data collected through the IP address, which is obtained by each computer that is connected to the Internet and is unique

c. data collected through Cookies, small pieces of code that are sent and stored in the memory of the user / visitor’s computer, which are used to facilitate the operation of the website, easy access of the user / visitor to it and for statistical purposes .

Cookies in no way have any function other than those stated in this privacy policy.
The user / visitor reserves the right to choose not to receive Cookies.

    Exceed Consulting uses the personal data it collects for:

a. informing users / visitors about openings in new jobs,

b. for modifications of the services it offers,

c. to improve / update its website, as well as

d. for the collection of statistical data.

Regarding the personal data collected from the sending of CVs by the users / visitors themselves (eg name, phone number, address, etc.), Exceed Consulting reserves the right to both collect and dispose of them. -promoting them to the respective interested employers, companies, enterprises, bodies, organizations or human resources consultants with whom it cooperates for the staffing of jobs in Greece and in EEA countries.

In any case, the user / visitor in order to be able to send his CV, voluntarily consents and accepts its retention with absolute confidentiality in the Company Database for a specific period of time (defined by the Company), at the end of which the CV will be deleted. Deleting any information or document means that there will be no access to it by the Company or by third parties.

He also voluntarily consents and accepts the distribution / promotion of his CV with absolute confidentiality by the Company to third parties (employers, companies, companies, organizations, organizations or human resources consultants) in the context of the provision of professional services of the Company.

    Only the Company’s executives required to provide the Company’s services have access to the CV.
    Exceed Consulting undertakes not to make available to third parties personal data except for purposes for which the user has submitted, ie the promotion to interested employers with job opportunities / openings that meet his qualifications.

In view of the above, Exceed Consulting, in order to achieve the purpose of the website and the CV Database, reserves the right to collect personal data (name, phone number, address, etc.) from the CV that users place in the CV Database of the website and then forward them to interested projects.

    Exceed Consulting reserves the right to transmit the personal data of users / visitors to EEA countries as well.
    Exceed Consulting has as main objectives for the security of PD:

• Adherence to the principles that should govern the processing of PD (legality, objectivity, transparency, limitation of purpose, data minimization, accuracy, limitation of storage time, integrity and confidentiality).

• Ensuring the trust of its partners and customers.

• Ensuring its compliance with the current legal framework.

To achieve the above objectives, Exceed Consulting takes the following security measures:

Organizational security measures:

  • Personnel organization / management: defining roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the elaboration of PDs.
  • Staff training in personal data security.
  • Management of processors.
  • Defining the process of data destruction and storage media.
  • Management of personal data leakage events.
  • Control of security measures.

Technical safety measures:

  • Access control
  • Backups
  • Computer configuration
  • Communication security
  • Management and protection of external – removable storage media
  • Software and application security
  • Change management

Physical security measures:

  • Physical access control
  • Environmental safety – protection against natural disasters
  • Protection of portable storage media


Curriculum vitae submitted by users / visitors through our Website are retained in the Exceed Consulting Database for a maximum of two (2) years from the date of submission.

The personal data of the users / visitors are processed only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and will be stored for 2 years.

In any case, the criterion used to determine the storage period is based on compliance with the deadlines allowed by law and the principles of data minimization, storage limitation or rational management of our files.

After the end of the above period or the period defined by the respective legal-tax obligation (if any), your personal data are deleted.

    The user / visitor has the right to obtain information about his personal data that we have stored at any time, in accordance with applicable law.
    The user / visitor has the right to request the correction – update of his data and Exceed Consulting will proceed to their immediate correction.

The user / visitor has the right to request the deletion of his personal data and Exceed Consulting will proceed to their immediate deletion. However, in some cases where applicable legal and fiscal obligations require mandatory data retention, data deletion may be prohibited. In these cases, we will explain why we cannot delete your personal data and for how long.

The user / visitor has the right to request the cessation of processing by Exceed Consulting of his personal data and the Company will proceed to the immediate cessation of their processing. If this is not possible, we will explain why we can not stop processing your PDs.

The user / visitor has the right to request the restriction of the processing by Exceed Consulting of his personal data and the Company will proceed to the immediate restriction of their processing. If this is not possible, we will explain why we can not restrict the processing of your PDs.

The user / visitor has the right to request the transfer of his personal data to another institution / organization and Exceed Consulting will proceed to the immediate transfer of this data.

In case it turns out that his personal data was leaked by Exceed Consulting resulting in any damage, he has the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority (Personal Data Protection Authority).
In order to exercise the above rights or if there are any questions regarding the Privacy Policy or if he needs assistance in exercising or understanding the privacy options, he can contact the Representative of the Processor at or by post to the address: 67 Poseidonos Ave., 166 74 Glyfada.


In any case, the user / visitor is encouraged to report to the Representative of the Controller, in any way, in writing or orally, any possible violation of his personal data or any illegal and contrary to the terms of use behavior found by the Company, by another user or by a third party. Exceed Consulting undertakes to make every effort to resolve the issue in cooperation with the relevant regulatory and legal authorities if deemed necessary.

Contact Information Exceed Talent Management:
Tel.: 210 8983610 / email:

Competent authority:
Personal Data Protection Authority ( Call Center: +30 210 6475600, Fax: +30 210 6475628, E-mail: