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Purpose Of Purpose:

Many people go through life without making conscious choices about weather what they do is what they are meant to be doing. When you do what you’re passionate about, what lights you up, it may be an expression of your purpose. We all have a… Read More »Purpose Of Purpose:

New Year, New Beginning:

According to Jill Suttie, Psy.D, knowing what you want helps you set an intention to work toward them. No doubt, your subconscious will kick in, too, and you will begin to notice opportunities that present themselves to you or to actively seek out information you need. Plus, having a direction to take based on your truest desires, gives you impetus to make hard choices… Read More »New Year, New Beginning:

Trust & Respect

In any kind of a relationship Trust and Respect go hand in hand. Respect is a precursor to trust, it always comes first. Trust is earned after some level of respect is already there. When you respect someone, you hold the person in high esteem. Respect always comes before trust. When you trust someone, you believe them to be a person… Read More »Trust & Respect

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset:

A fixed mindset means that you believe intelligence is fixed and static—so if you’re not good at something, you might believe you’ll never be good at it (levels of intelligence and abilities are innate). A growth mindset means that you believe your intelligence and talents… Read More »Growth vs. Fixed Mindset:

Compassion in Leadership:

A recent study from Harvard revealed that: Compassion not only amplifies other important leadership competencies, it’s a differentiator for success. The six key building blocks of compassionate leadership all together, they improve employee engagement, well-being and intention to stay with an organization. 1. Integrity – a sense of… Read More »Compassion in Leadership: