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Trust & Respect

In any kind of a relationship Trust and Respect go hand in hand. Respect is a precursor to trust, it always comes first. Trust is earned after some level of respect is already there.

  • When you respect someone, you hold the person in high esteem. Respect always comes before trust.
  • When you trust someone, you believe them to be a person of high character that will do things that are in your best interest. A prerequisite for a healthy relationship is trust.

When a manager is under pressure to deliver, it is difficult for them to: 

  • respect their subordinates – especially at the lowest level. (Always ask yourself: “Am I being respectful toward everyone around me, especially people junior to me?”)
  • to earn the trust of people they work with, as pressure to deliver robs attention, time, and energy which are essential for this. (Always ask yourself: “Am I intentionally acting to earn the trust of the people I work with?”)

Principles to follow:

  1. Develop strong self-awareness
  2. Consult your inner compass: your values
  3. Cut your team members some slack, to express themselves
  4. Always deliver on your commitments

Great listening creates a much deeper rapport and connection between people. There is really nothing like feeling heard and understood by another human being. When this happens, the environment feels safe and it enables trust to develop and therefore allows greater expression of feelings, leading to an increased level of connection. This increased connection leads to more truthful, honest communication and therefore a greater understanding of one another. The extent to which you challenge someone is proportional to the level of safety you’ve established through building rapport.

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